Hens not wanting to lay?

A common theme

For January!

Why is it after Christmas my hens just can’nt seem to get it right to lay eggs.  Or they do lay eggs, just not all of the time and they are tiny little eggs!

This is a very common theme this time of year.  You hear folks saying “okay, the multing stuff is over, so where are the eggs?”, or “My hens do lay eggs but some of them are eating the eggs, what’s up with this?”

Your hens my need a little jump start to get them moving in the right direction.  So what do they need? “They need protein”.  After the cold winter and multing of feathers, they are lacking protein in their diets, and they will find protein any where they can, that is why some birds will eat their own eggs.  So the best way to give them a jump start is fixing them boiled eggs.  That’s right, they will eat them for the boost of energy, and they will not become eaters of eggs in the process.

Another thought would be to mix either chick crumbles or chick grower feed into their feed, and then offer this several times a day for about a week.  Should start to see an increase in egg production for two reasons:

1. The protein they need
2. Increase in daylight hours

In fact you can start to help with the day light and keep the lights on for them a little more in the mornings and some in the evenings.  You’ll start to see more egg laying activity, if you can increase the day light hours by 15 minutes per day, that would bee 7.5 minutes morning and night.  Then when spring comes around then you can back off your attempt to be the sun.

At Buxton Feed Company we really hope this helps!

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