From time immemorial, sports have been part of man’s way of life. Nowhere is this statement manifested more than in the United States. North America continues to be a powerhouse in matters of sport. The US has and continues to dominate games from the Olympics to other major international events. Locally, entire states come to a standstill when there’s an NBA final playoff, the Stanley Cup Final, or even the Super Bowl.

Popular Sports

The USA has sports similar to other countries as well as it’s unique sports. The typical sports played and watched include American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. These games can trace their roots to the 17th century when European settlers invaded the USA.

Over time, the said games have been restructured and refashioned to suit the American culture. Sports like baseball have grown to be popular such that they are played even in backyards and parks. While amateurs will play the named games in parks, the real action is in fan-packed stadia. Here professionals outwit each other every season to win trophies.

Major Leagues

A pro league represents each of the major sports in the United States. These leagues are usually graced by talented athletes and, therefore, very competitive. The most prevalent associations include the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, the NHL, and to some extent, the MLS. These leagues attract millions of both viewers and television revenues.

We will dissect the major sports and leagues and highlight what you ought to know about the popular games in North America.