America’s favorite sports that you should try once (Part 1)

America is a diverse, industrialized world. It’s also home to many of the world’s biggest sports. 

If you live in America, please remember some of the most popular sports here


First of all it’s a sport that is enjoyed by the majority of Americans, along with many American settlers-basketball. Basketball was born in 1891, founded by Dr. James Naismith (1861-1936), a physical education teacher at the Springfield Massachusetts Institute (USA).

At that time, active games, sports were mostly played outdoors. As a result students were unable to train or participate during the winter. The gym teachers are highly worried, nervous and actively worrying and looking to find a new game. Basketball was initially just a student fitness game when the weather got worse.

At first Naismith wanted to expand on American soccer-American soccer and lacrosse, but that idea was soon discarded because he thought that American soccer was too rough, and the lacrosse was mostly based on speed, not artistic.

The prerequisite for creating this new sport is that it be played in a gymnasium, restricted by many rules, but easy to understand and clear. Do not use the stick, in particular, because it is quick to trigger danger and must not be rough or obstructed in the style of American football. He then chose to pick a soccer ball and use his hands to pass, catch and throw.

Basketball has begun to become an international sport and has gradually spread to many other countries around the world. At present, basketball is typically played in two forms: competition basketball: each team of five and two basketball boards (there are two systems: NBA and FIBA).

Scores are scored by legally putting the ball in the basket. At the end of the match, the team has more points than the winner. If the two teams are tied in normal periods, the match will be continued in extra time until there is a gap. There are a lot of rules in this basketball game. Nowadays, the most popular basketball competition is the NBA, with many football teams including the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Laker, Boston Celtics.