America’s favorite sports that you should try once (Part 2)


Apart from the most popular basketball sport in America, baseball is also a sport that many people in the country enjoy. Baseball, or soccer, is a team sport; in which a player from one side (serving) is attempting to throw a hard ball (the size of the hand) at the player from the other team, and that person is trying to hit baseball with a baseball bat until your opponent is trapped behind your teammate (catcher).

Baseball is one of America’s oldest and most famous sports. There is still a tradition connected to it that encompasses the soccer ground, the game itself, the players and the supporters. 

About the mysterious roots and improvements in the different ball games, baseball is an American invention 

Many assume, however, that it originated in the game rounders and is often inspired by the laws of cricket. In the 1870s, American newspapers regarded baseball as a “National Game” or “National Amusement.” Most matches take place in the wet, comfortable months of the year but many would often call the summer boys baseball players.

Baseball is considered to be the perfect mix of skill, power, timing and strategy. Yogi Berra (a baseball legend) said, “Baseball is 90 percent mental — the rest is physical strength.” Americans have the misconception that it’s not good to play ball without using their hands, so they seem to choose rugby over soccer. 

Baseball’s appeal lies in its subtleties: defensive play style, pitching order, strike, playing area, numbers, history, and the character of the player. As passionate fans, baseball, even the slowest of the time, can never get bored with these complexities. So to understand baseball, you need to understand the rules; as well as a close glance at what makes baseball live and desirable. Immigrate to the United States to pursue this enticing sport.