America’s favorite sports that you should try once (Part 3)


How to calculate basketball points: 

“Three-point play”: when a penalty is committed in an offensive stance in the 2-point area and the ball is still successful, the player is given a free-throat and is still successful. 2 points to eat + 1 point to throw out. 

If the player is fouled while trying to score and is ineffective, the player is given the free spin as many times as the point value can be scored. A player who’s fouled while trying to score 2 points will get two free spins. A player who is cheated while trying to score 3 points will get three free spins. 

“Four-point play” is the same thing, except in the case of 3-point throws. It’s really rare. 

American football 

American football, or slang is a tomato ball

 It’s a common team sport in the United States. American football is closely similar to Canadian football, but there are variations in the rules of the game and certain other features. Four of the major forms of football in the US are high school football, college football, and professional football. They are essentially the same, but vary in certain ways in the rules of the game.

American football has a playground of 100 yards, split into 20 parts every five yards. It is marked by 19 long, horizontal white lines. There are four rows of short lines in the middle of the long lines, each 1 yard apart. The last segment at either end of the field, 10 yards deep, is the penalty area. Overall, the field of rugby is 53 1/3 yards wide and 120 yards long.

From the penalty line, every 10 yards of the field will be numbered with numbers 10, 20, 30, 40 at the middle of the field as 50. After this stage, the pitch is reverted to 40, 30, 20 and 10 before the remainder of the team has a restricted area. This sport requires a mask.

This helmet has inflatable cushions to cover the head, 2 ear cups on either side to protect the ears, and a mask to shield the faces of the players. The ball is made of oval leather with a weight between 400g and 430g.