Football, Baseball, Basketball Top Sports in the United States

Sport is one of the most popular types of entertainment in the world in general and in the United States. Among sports, football, baseball, and basketball are well-known in the United States.

Like other nations, football is the most popular sport in the United States, with about 37% of Americans saying that football is their favorite sport to watch. There are two forms of football in the country, namely professional football and college football with the respective leagues of the National Football League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association for Football.

Of which, the National Football League attracts the participation of 32 teams divided across the America Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Of which, Wisconsin, the New England Patriots of Foxborough, the Green Bay Packers of Green Bay, and the Philadelphia Eagles from Philadelphia, are the most famous team joining the league.

This football tournament usually takes place from the beginning of September to the end of December. Each team has chances to play a total of 16 games within 17 weeks. The two winners play in the Super Bowl on the first Sunday of February each year to mark the official end of the football season.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most famous baseball tournament in the nations with the participation of professional players. The 30 participating teams are divided into the National League and the America League.

The baseball season always takes place from March or early April to September or early October each year. As many as 30 teams participate in 162 games. After the season, they usually join the post-season games until late October or November.

Originated in the United States, basketball is the third most popular sport the country. The professional basketball league in the United States is the National Basketball Association.

The basketball season usually runs from October to April with the participation of many teams, who play 82 games each during the regular season.