The National Football League undoubtedly runs the show when it comes to American football. Yet, there are other leagues in the country offering the diehard football fans viable alternatives. Through such associations, football fanatics are guaranteed all-year-round action, even when the NFL is off-season. Here’s a rundown of the NFL and other football-related leagues.


From its launch back in 1920, the NFL has grown and continues to prosper immensely. It started with 14 teams, but the number has since increased to the present-day 32 teams. These teams are divided into two conferences, each comprising 16 teams. Each conference is further split into four divisions made up of two sides. Sixteen regular-season games are then played before heading to the playoffs.

NCAA College Football

College football rivals the NFL to some extent when it comes to cutthroat battles. It’s comprised of different schools and often involves amateur football players. The schools are split into three levels, Division I, II, and III. College football serves as the stepping stone to the NFL.


The Arena Football League features a fast-paced game that is mostly played indoors. It made its debut in 1987 and currently features four teams. Each team comprises of only eight players and heavily relies on offensive play. A complete season involves 12 games.


The CFL is Canada’s only pro football soccer league. It involves more players and features an expansive field that favors offensive maneuvers. The CFL is where notable NFL powerhouses such as Doud Flutie and Moon honed their skills.


The XFL has been a hit and miss affair. It kicked off in 2001 and promised a wilder version of NFL, albeit with lesser talents. However, the XFL only lasted for a season. It’s set to resurrect this year (2020) and will incorporate eight teams.