Household games such as baseball, American football, and basketball have dominated American sports for decades. However, fans and the mainstream media are opening up to other sports. Some of the lesser-known games that captivate fans include the following.


Although football is famous worldwide, it isn’t as attractive as basketball, baseball, and American football in the United States. The inception of Major League Soccer (MLS) proved to be a game-changer. Soccer is slowly gaining popularity.

The ability of MLS to lure aging stars from Europe has significantly increased soccer viewership across America. It’s estimated that up to 40,000 fans turn up whenever their teams play. Some of the big MLS franchises include Atlanta United, LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, and Toronto FC. Women’s soccer leagues are also present. The top-tier level is the NWSL.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey offers something different to all its fans across the United States. The punches, hits, and sheer aggressiveness in ice hockey have been the main reason for this sport’s rampant popularity.

The well-known level is the men’s National Hockey League (NHL). The anticipated month of October usually signals the start of hockey action in the NHL. The highlight of the season is the playoff, where top teams scramble for the Stanley Cup.


From Billie Jean King in the ‘70s to Serena Williams in the past decade, tennis has been the sport of many American stars. As players continue to emerge, so does the growth of tennis. Watch the yearly US Open, and you’ll be awed by the large number of Americans who turn up. It’s the achievements of these tennis stars that attract the crowds.

Other well-attended games include Canada’s Rogers Cup and the Mexican Open. With many amateurs and kids being inspired by this sport, its popularity is sure to soar in the upcoming years.