MLB has been home to many amazing teams. Yet, few franchises have been able to replicate their success each season. Below are some of the teams that have stood head and shoulder above the rest, and won record titles.

New York Yankees

You shouldn’t miss mentioning the New York Yankees when talking about MLB history. When it comes to postseason success, no one comes close to the Yankees. From their inception, the Yankees have won a staggering 20 World Series titles. On top of these titles are 40 AL pennants. Decades passed, but the Yankees proved unstoppable. Their legends, such as DiMaggio, have won more titles individually than some MLB franchises combined.

Their fans will forever adore the seasons between 1996 and 2000. It’s during this period that the Yankee dynasty was forged. They had an immensely talented team that collected four titles within five years. Although recent Yankee teams have been below par, their established record titles still sit intact.

St. Louis Cardinals

From their first title back in 1886, the Cardinals have been very successful in MLB. Although their success falls short of the Yankees, they still boast of an incredible 11 World Series titles. Their 2011 epic fall classic still lingers in the minds of their fan base. The 23 NL pennants they have won is only second to the Yankees.

Oakland Athletics

Much of the A’s success was in the early years when they were in Philadelphia. They owed those titles to their mercurial manager, Connie Mack. During his appearance as a manager, the Athletics won five World Series titles. Bar the Yankees, the Oakland Athletics can claim to be the only team in MLB history to win three consecutive World Series titles. Those glittering triumphs were between 1972 to 1974. Their World Series record stands at 9-6.