Top 15 Popular Sports in America (P2)

12/ Snowboarding

According to the latest survey from SnowSports Industries America, snowboarding is popular in America with about 10.2 million members in the 2018-2019 season. There was a slight increase to around 10.7 million members last season.

The popularity of snowboarding caused an increase in equipment sales. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, the sales of snowboarding equipment are rising to an annual average of $60 million from 2007. The preliminary statistics showed that the snowboarding equipment sales have risen 25% across the Western United States this season while they have downed 4% nationally.

11/ Swimming

The number of individuals swimming for fitness in the U.S. increased in the 2006-2019 period. Last year, the number of individuals at the ages of over six years old, who do swimming for fitness, added up to about 32.5 million.

Regarding the competitive swimming, the U.S. swimmers have won the most decorations in the Rio Olympics and have dominated the London Olympics with 16 gold and 31 absolute ornaments.

The U.S. athletes have won 16 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics and 12 gold medals in Athens Olympics.

In total, they have won about 33% of all decorations at any point in the Olympics’ history.

10/ Volleyball

Volleyball is considered as the most popular team sport for both female and male players in U.S. high schools with about 452,000 girls and 63,000 boys playing on varsity levels in the 2018-2019 season.

The United States is also the leading nation worldwide to have intruded the volleyball discipline at every Olympic games since 1984. The USA Volleyball has about 383,000 individuals, including players, coaches, and assistants. There are about 4,500 volleyball clubs operating in the United States.

The USA Volleyball provides serious training programs for youth, high school, college, and grown-up individuals from the age of under seven and about 75.