Why is “king sport” still ranked behind basketball in America? (Part 1)

In the US, the number of basketball players is the highest at about 25 million people, about double the number of soccer players. The compensation of the players is also a big difference. The average football player in the US makes around $600,000 a year, just 1/10 of the basketball player’s salary and 1/5 of the baseball player’s salary. 

The amount of TV viewing for basketball is still about a half times higher than soccer. 

“King Sport” is inferior to basketball in the United States for a variety of different reasons

America invented basketball

Basketball, America’s most famous sport, dates back to 1891 in Springfield , Massachusetts. At the time , Mr. James Naismith, who was a college gym trainer and soccer coach. He developed a game that was played on a soccer ball and played by hand. In the game , players score points on 2 boxes suspended from a 3 meter high balcony. Basketball has evolved from the U.S. school system and has deepened the sport of athletes, athletes, to professional ages. 

America’s Basketball Identity 

In America, basketball is no longer a sport, it is a tradition, an icon, and part of people’s lives. Children in the United States are in the perfect place to play this sport on a football field. 

The reason basketball has such a vitality in America is that the nation has established this sport in a very special way. Americans nurtured the passion of basketball from a regular life instead of separating boys who aspire to be stars out of school and into chicken training centers. American basketball doesn’t wait for the people to arrive, it really comes to everybody.

There are several reasons why football doesn’t suit American identity, and that’s why Americans don’t enjoy soccer. First, soccer has a few goals. Americans love to watch games that score regularly, including basketball, to sustain constant suspense and enthusiasm during the game. It’s tiring as fans waste time and money on the pitch and sometimes see a game of no points scored. And it’s also a tough sport to manage, since the strong team always loses to the poor, also because of its low target factor.

Second, Americans favor individual performances and high precision in finishes, whereas soccer is a team activity, and the accuracy of playing with the foot is much lower than with the hand.