U.S. basketball tournaments are being held continuously

The MLS American Professional Football Championship takes place every year from March to October. Although there is a different schedule to other football leagues in Europe (from August to May next year), the number of football players in America is still not high. Famous world football players like Henry, David Villa or Kaka still can’t attract people like famous NBA names like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. In addition, the U.S. professional basketball tournament lasts for up to 9 months (from October to July of the following year), teams play 2-3 games / week on an ongoing basis, people are more likely to enjoy the games of your favorite team than soccer.

Basketball Identities 

Basketball is a game of time in seconds, combining all the elements of strength , flexibility and agility

Finishing in the final seconds will take place at all levels of the U.S. tournament, from the NBA to the NCAA or the student leagues. Tremendous moments with emotional ball shots can easily make a newcomer an enthusiast of basketball. Fairness and purity of the game, always protected by the referees, is also one of the strengths of basketball, helping fans to always see high-quality games and not soccer. Basketball is a continuous attack game, always making the audience enjoy the ultimate sport with individual moments of ecstasy. When asked about basketball and football in the US, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball Legend said: Football is never going to be equal to a shot in the US.

It is also said that soccer has Pele, racing has Michael Schumacher, basketball has Michael Jordan-an American. America still needs to be number one, separating it from the rest of the world, and sport is not out of the question. American basketball has a special place in the international arena, with the most thrilling NBA competition in the world and the competitive NCAA tournament structure. Basketball has become a specialty that is profoundly rooted in the American spirit as well as football or baseball. In a world where identity sports have long been entrenched in people’s minds like basketball or football, later sports like soccer don’t have much chance of gaining prominence.